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Digital Workplace In Todays Era !!!

Digital Workplace in todays Era !!!

A digital workplace solution integrates line-of-business technologies (email, instant messaging, virtual meetings, digital forms, document management, news, and announcement, and more) to enable more effective ways of working, raise employee agility, and engagement.

The Future of Digital Workplace

Business Adoption

89% of companies have already adopted a digital-first business strategy.



45% of employees do not think that their organization have the, right technology to go digital.



By 2023, it is expected to reach $7 trillion as companies are becoming digital enterprises.

$7 Trillion By 2023


Employees have noticed 40% improved operational efficiency, 35% customer experience, and 36% faster time to market.

40%      35%      36%

Sources: PwC Global Digital IQ Survey, McKinsey Global Survey, IDC FutureScape

Why is Digital Workplace Important?

Today, a digital workplace is not a choice; it is vital to step outside of one’s comfort zone and reinvent procedures and systems in order to compete in a world dominated by technology breakthroughs. The wind of change is blowing hard among established firms, with 89% of enterprises either currently implementing or preparing to implement a digital-first business strategy.

  • Talent Attraction: More than 64% of employees will choose a lower-paying job if they can work outside the office.
  • Productivity: Companies with a robust online social network claimed 7% higher productivity than their competitors.
  • Employee Retention: Organizations that use digital workspaces claim an 87% increase in employee retention.
  • Communication Tools: Employees prefer modern communication methods such as instant messaging over older conventional routes for cooperation.

Benefits of Digital Workplace

Implementing smart tactics and providing employees with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and fulfill their essential job obligations are all part of creating a digital workplace. Here are the primary advantages of a digital workplace for your company.

  • Increases Productivity : The digital workplace boosts efficiency by optimizing several workflow components such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and integrated communications.
  • Allows Self-service : Implementing a digital workplace may help you gain access to everything you need, such as knowledge, social groups, and team tasks, while saving time, effort, and resources.
  • Unites Workforce : A transparent work environment in which employees can track the status of tasks, project progress, and so on is always ideal. As a result, there are fewer communications and follow-ups between staff.
  • Saves Costs: Choosing a low-cost digital workspace for your internationally scattered staff may save your company a lot of money. It frees up cash for you to engage in business expansion initiatives such as the launch of a new product or service to increase income.
  • Highly Customizable : A contemporary digital workplace solution, such as BizPortals 365, provides easy customization capabilities that enable you to pick from a variety of themes and control anything from the color scheme to the widget without any scripting.

What are Must-Have Components of Digital Workplace?

Internal Communication Tools

➡️Communication and instant messaging

Social and video conferencing tools allow you to exchange articles and postings with coworkers in real time.

➡️Team Meetings

Quickly share ideas and views with team members via chats, calls, meetings, and group discussions.

➡️Announcements and newsletters

To keep your staff up to date, publish business, department, and team-wide communication.

iconnect digital workplace

Task and Project Collaboration Tools

iconnect digital workplace

➡️Dedicated Project Workspace

With a single digital workplace, dashboard displays and project portfolios may be consolidated.

➡️Real-time Sharing

A quick, easy, and seamless method to share via rapid links to eliminate disconnects and keep everyone in sync.

➡️Task Management

Tracking task difficulties and creating custom tracking lists to ensure that all of the mentioned tasks are completed efficiently.

➡️Shared Calendar

Collaboration for team events, appointment and meeting management with customisable calendar overviews

➡️Shared To-Do list

Define project teams, assign tasks, and manage entire projects with a shared overview in a single window.

Automation and Workflow Management Tools

➡️Digital Forms

Pre-built electronic forms, as well as real-time tracking of digital form activity..

➡️Workflow Automation

Automation of multi-stage workflows for quick and simple evaluations and approval of tasks, papers, and other items.


iconnect digital workplace

Document & Content Management Tools

iconnect digital workplace

➡️Secure Document Management

To collaborate effortlessly, a single window is used to view, edit, co-author, share, and publish content. It allows you to handle document versioning and grant users role-based access.

➡️Efficient Document Approvals

Document approval in a timely, efficient, error-free, and consistent automated manner.

➡️Library Management

Filter your libraries using Document Sync features for easy access to various libraries for each department and project location.


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