Data Privacy | Powered by iConnect

Data Privacy | Powered by iConnect

Data Privacy | Powered by IConnect

Sensitive Data Intelligence across Multi Cloud, SaaS & On-Premises

Identify any sensitive data across your organization in structured and unstructured systems. Automate data privacy, security & governance


 Enable privacy by design through the AI driven Privacy Operations.

  • Continuously scan and monitor data against non-compliance to subject rights, legal basis for data processing, data residency or security controls – make privacy proactive not reactive
  • PIA framework, Data subject rights management, consent management framework and privacy notices ensure that privacy is enabled default
  • Privacy portals, data mapping automation and PIA framework ensure that privacy is embedded into design
  • PIA framework, privacy notices and consent and subject rights management helps make any program a positive sum initiative
  • Classification, risk monitoring and policy based alerts and remediation offer end-to-end security while processing personal data
  • Privacy notices and consent management framework offer visibility and transparency to users and respect users rights and preferences

Data Mapping Automation

Maintain your Data Catalog with continuous automated updates.

Data Subject Rights Automation

Automate data subject rights request fulfilment and maintain proof of compliance.

People Data Graph

Connect to structured and unstructured data sources and automatically discover and build a relationship map between personal data and its owner.

Assessment Automation

Audit once and comply with many regulations. Collaborate and track all internal assessments in one place.

Vendor Risk Management

Automation of privacy assessment collection from third parties, collaboration among stakeholders, follow-ups and compliance analytics.

Cookie Consent

Automate global cookie consent compliance.

Simplify and automate universal consent management.

Breach Management

Automate the incident response process by gathering incident details, identifying the scope and optimizing notifications to comply with global privacy regulations.

Privacy Policy & Notice Management

Publish privacy notices in minutes using pre-built templates
Centralize management by tracking and monitoring privacy notices for all your environments
Reduce risk of privacy violations
Accelerate periodic review process
Native integration with privacy-ops platform keeps notices up-to-date

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