Incident Responder

Incident Responder

Incident Response Team Seek to protect and improve organizational security by preventing, averting, and mitigating security threats. Prevention duties include system monitoring, assessment, testing, and analysis designed to identify and correct potential security breaches.

Our Incident responder Team create security plans, policies, protocols, and training that prepares your organizations to respond efficiently and effectively to incidents. Our professionals work under co-opetition to assess and respond to threats through intrusion detection, security auditing, and risk analysis.

Addressing security threats involve the use of network forensics, reverse engineering, and penetration testing skills. Incident responders also create reports for management and law enforcement.

Our comprehensive services range from incident response and security risk assessments to thorough, tailored deployments and training, and are equipped with the most recent technologies, techniques, and knowledge to suit your worldwide security demands. We provide a comprehensive variety of services that cover the whole Cyber Security portfolio, ensuring that you have more insight into your overall security posture.

For a quick security response, effective contingency plans, protocols, and technologies are essential. Investigate unusual occurrences, identify malicious attacks, and respond to security breaches by working with incident response teams on-site and security support engineers.

On-Demand Incident Response Team

iConnect is aware that not all firms can afford to create and manage an incident response team. Because of this, iConnect offers on-demand issue response services in addition to incident response automation.

iConnect’s Cyber SWAT squad, is available around-the-clock, 365 days a year, giving businesses of all sizes access to the same knowledgeable security personnel that guard the biggest businesses. 

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