SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service

iConnect aiSIEM takes a radically different approach to cybersecurity, ensuring pitfalls of traditional SIEM (Security information and event management) are averted while empowering enterprises to take on the challenges posed by emerging threat vectors, techniques, and tactics.

When onboarding new clients, iConnect’s practice is to work closely with our clients to fully understand their environment and potential risks that apply to their organization. A threat catalogue is developed that includes a detailed report on the type of threats that could potentially impact the client. Each threat type is reviewed and rated based on its level of potential risk. Prioritization is also performed for each device using the documented threat types and posed risk levels.

A threat handbook is developed, leveraging the client’s threat catalogue. The handbook will contain the incident response for specific alerts. The handbook will also include service levels, severities, actions and call-out processes. Development of both the threat catalogue and threat handbook is done through consultation and workshops with clients.

Our approach follows the ITIL v3 (2011) framework whose service strategy ensures that required services are delivered and continually improved as the technology landscape changes.

iConnect’s approach to transitioning services from clients is completed in four (4) phases. To ensure a seamless transition, as part of iConnect’s proven end-to-end approach, internal security practices and capabilities are established and documented from planning through to optimization. As such, iConnect is able to quickly learn the client’s environment in great detail.

Through each phase, there is a deliberate focus on integrating IT and business perspectives into the client’s information security and risk management program.

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