Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider : iConnect is founded around strategic partnerships that encompass business and technical expertise, offering reliable solutions and professional services for its clientele, vendors, suppliers, and sister companies.

Since its establishment in 2016, as a IT Service Provider iConnect worked on integrating a wide spectrum of projects across multiple industries and sectors, positioning itself as a leading system and solution integrator in the field of information technology.

We maintain a business objective concentrated around its clientele’s core principles and methodologies, with state-of-the-art resources that are continuously evolving in quality and quantity.

Our Edge portfolio is a focused and specially designed portfolio to provide comfort and Peace of mind to our customers by delivering consulting, project implementation and post-implementation services. 

Our Portfolio consists of services such as: –

Implementation Services

iConnect ‘Implementation Service Provider’ are delivered often through an enterprise IT consulting firm that has the knowledge and experience to help in all stages of the process. The implementation is a critical phase of any IT project and can go wrong at every point.

iConnect as a Service Provider will provide a full service, from designing the architecture to deploying and rolling out new technologies. We will assess how the existing IT infrastructure might be leveraged to support new implementations, or We can offer advice on an entirely new infrastructure deployment plan.

The consultants will work closely with the organisation’s key stakeholders to advise on how to move forward with implementing new technologies or other projects considering regulatory compliance requirements (PCI, GDPR) and any other critical factors that may impact their organization’s ability to function efficiently

Migration Services

iConnect ‘Migration Service Provider’ can help businesses to move their data and systems faster and more easily. IT Migration Services can help businesses to move their data and systems to a new location without any disruption to their businesses.

This is important because businesses want to avoid any disruptions to their businesses. disruptions can anger customers, disrupt production, and lead to loss of revenue.

Configuration Services

iConnect ‘Configuration Service Provider’ are an important tool that organizations can use to manage their technology infrastructure. Using configuration services, organizations can automate the collection of data from systems, as well as the analysis of that data.

This data can be used to diagnose and remediate issues, as well as to manage and monitor the health of the technology infrastructure.

Training Services

iConnect ‘Corporate Training Service Provider’ is of utmost importance for professionals in any field. Employees in companies need to be adequately trained in order to do their jobs effectively and safely. It is also important for individuals to undergo training in order to improve their skills and knowledge.

iConnect Training services and training organizations offer a variety of courses that cater to different needs and capabilities of individuals and groups. There are various types of services and training available, and it is important to select the right type for the individual or group.

Managed Service Provider (day to day task completion)

iConnect ‘Managed Service Provider’ offer several advantages over traditional software development and deployment methods. For one, managed services can be more cost-effective because they are typically deployed in a more automated manner.

Additionally, managed services can be more reliable due to the fact that they are typically administered by professionals who are skilled in software development and deployment. Finally, managed services can offer additional security features that are not available with traditional methods.

Managed / Unmanaged Support Services.

iConnect managed IT support service is a professional and comprehensive technology solution that provides the required level of assistance to manage your computer systems.

iConnect unmanaged IT support services providers are not necessarily professionals who specialize in this field, but they may offer limited or no assistance with maintaining or troubleshooting your computer system.

What distinguishes a managed IT support service from an unmanaged one is the degree of expertise and technical know-how possessed by the provider.

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