Risk &

Compliance Services

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Objectives

"Combining discipline for better enterprise security.

Adopting a unified IT GOVERNANCE, RISK MANAGEMENT and COMPLIANCE (IT GRC) approach and managing the associated activities coherently will create efficiency, provide a holistic view to the IT environment and ensure accountability."

IT GRC ensures that: -

  • Activities and functions of IT organisation(s) support objectives investments are maximised.

  • IT delivers envisioned benefits against the strategy, costs are optimised, and relevant best practises incorporated.

  • The optimal investments is made in IT and critical IT resources are responsibly, effectively and efficiently managed and used.

We provide a suite of solutions tailored to client circumstances across the full risk spectrum

Policy and Compliance Management

Configuration Change Management

Vulnerability Management and Prioritization

Patch Management & Remediation

Vulnerability Validation & Impact Management

Change Audit

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